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Computer can be art.


We are a group of students. We love water cooling. We believe that a computer can be art. Each modded PC should have an idea behind, a message which is felt by people. That's the same as other art. We love showing our mods to people and spread this tech art mindset and inspire people to be interested in technology. That´s what gives us strength. We realize all of these things through our YouTube videos, social sites and meeting at tech shows. And we also like doing things simple and clean, but you know that you can look around. Let us create your magical dream for you.

Project Apollo
NVIDIA GeForce Garage Czech
3rd place


It would not be possible to create such projects without our friends. We believe casemodding is built on friendship. Thank you.

KrumpolcSystems s.r.o.
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VAT ID CZ04302974

Czech Republic
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ID 04302974